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Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC)

Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) As per the ‘ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization’ a Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC; short title for Institute Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/Commercialization Committee, IIPM&TCC) has been constituted for addressing Intellectual Property (IP) related matters of the Institution as detailed in the ICAR Rules and Guidelines for Training, Consultancy, Contract Research and Contract Services, 1997. This Committee was reconstituted with the following composition w.e.f. 06 May 2010:

The Current Compositions of ITMC

Name Concern As
Director, IASRI, New Delhi-110012, India. Chairman
Anil Rai, Head (CABin), IASRI, New Delhi-110012, India. Member
L. M. Bhar, Head (Statistical Genetics), IASRI, New Delhi-110012, India. (from May 09, 2015) Member
K.S. Rana, Professor & Head (Division. of Agronomy) , IARI, New Delhi-110012, India. (from January 02, 2015) (Scientist from ICAR Institutions in the Zone) Member
Seema Jaggi, Principal Scientist & Incharge, PME CELL, IASRI, New Delhi-110012, India. (Member Secretary, IRC) Member
Rajender Parsad, Principal Scientist & Incharge, ITMU, IASRI, New Delhi-110012, India. Member Secretary